The Drink Menu

Coffee and Espresso

We roast all our coffee in store!

Straight espresso

Espresso with steamed milk

Turkish Latte
Latte with cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla

Mocha Latte
Latte with chocolate

Caramel Latte
Latte with real caramel

Breve Latte
Latte with half and half

Espresso topped with milk and foam
(1/3 1/3 1/3)

Espresso with hot water

Turkish Americano
Americano with cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla

Everything Else

Italian Soda
Syrup, seltzer and a splash of cream

Chai Latte
Indian spiced tea in steamed milk

Molten Moo
Steamed milk and Italian syrup

Hot Cocoa and volcanic concoctions…
The Very Best…Check our menu!

Hot or Iced Tea
20 different kinds

Molten Freeze
Blended drink with or without espresso… ask about available flavors

Dr. Smoothie Smoothies
Eight different flavors, Mix and Match!

Assorted juices and sodas

Mocha, Caramel, Extra Shot    50c
Italian syrup, Soy milk    25c

Italian Syrups
Hazelnut      Almond      Irish Cream Coconut
Macadamia     Mint Butterscotch      Vanilla
Amaretto Blueberry      Gingerbread     Cherry
Orange      Strawberry      Raspberry
Peach      Blackberry    Sugar-Free Vanilla
Sugar-Free Hazelnut


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